Friday, December 17, 2010

Today's Destination: Kanto

 Hello again! Today we're going to take a trip to beautiful Kanto.

Pallet Town, and the whole of Route 1

As you can see, Kanto is quite a beautiful region, with some neat areas. Kanto was the first region that we started in the project, and is typically the region most people want to see.
   A little over a year ago, Rils (then known as Hunter2458) and I were trying to figure out what kind of large scale project we wanted to do in Minecraft. We had already experimented with various Pokémon related stuff. Like a failed attempt at creating Johto and the Sinnoh Elite 4 building. We then saw a thread on the Minecraft forums that had someone mentioning that "somebody" should host a server and recreate the Pokémon regions.

The Safari Zone
I had already been hosting my own private server for a few months so all we had to do was create the base map and open it to the public. It didn't take long for the server to be flooded with people wanting to build and just wander around. Surprisingly a decent amount of the original staff is still around. Of course we've lost a few here and there.


The video above is an early look at Kanto, probably around a week or two into its construction.

As I was saying, it didn't take long for the server to become popular. Of course we had various greifing, which was pointless on their part due to the extraordinary amount of backups I kept. Around halfway through the main part of the map, Cieran, Mudson, and Inevitable joined. They ended up getting drafted into becoming mods since they were at the time my "Night Crew". Looks like I made a good call on it. After they joined, the project seemed to pick up more momentum and the overworld was finished in about 3 weeks. At the time we didn't have the fancy serverware and we were still using the default server application. So there wasn't any need for us to create interiors at the time. Those were created later and took a little longer.

From there, we started to formulate a plan on how to create Hoenn, our next major region, and what order to build the remaining regions. Creating Kanto was a pretty fun experience and none of the regions since have been as fun.

A good look at the center of Kanto.
The pictures here really don't do the map justice. Almost every building has an interior, there are all sorts of easter eggs hidden throughout the entire map, and of course there's the custom Elite 4 Arenas. The Pokémon regions really do need to be walked through to appreciate the splendor of it.

Lonely Cinnabar Island. Complete with Volcano!
Even though this version of Kanto is excellent. We plan to build it again when we finally get around to doing Johto. The HeartGold & SoulSilver version of Kanto is even more wonderful. It would be great to recreate it into Minecraft too.

Join us next time as we head south to the Sevii Islands!

Don't forget to check out the The Playhouse and to see these for yourself. Pictures just don't do them justice!


  1. thats look cool, but were i can download it??
    sorry for my bad english

  2. It's just beautiful !! Good job !!
    Is it online actually? I'd like to visit it ^^ Especially Lavender town ^^