Friday, December 17, 2010

I have a puntastic name!

And I've heard them all before, believe me. I'm Inevitable, Cieran and Mudson have already mentioned me and now it's time for my introduction. I'm one of the older staff members and I'm the one responsible for such awesome things as that Giant [unfinished] Tentacruel Submarine, Fortree City and the Battle Pike.

What else... I believe myself to be a very good builder (though all the Pokecraft staff are as well) with a strong emphasis on natural looking environments, architecturally impressive buildings and efficient use of interior space. In addition to the things mentioned above, I'm the "server league's" Psychic Gym Leader. Though I've not gotton around to completing the interior (Sinnoh's got my attention at the moment) the exterior of my Gym is up there to behold in all its circular pentagonal glory.

Word of advise, do not do pentagon-shaped designs in Minecraft. Even if it looks awesome, the hassle's just not worth it.

I'm studying Computer Games Design at Staffordshire University, I'm in the process of building a doomsday weapon and I'm actually I'm a spy for Red Team. But don't tell anyone.

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