Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello There


I'm the other member of staff, and go by the names of Mudson or Dingley.
I act as a director on the server, generally building, moderating and nagging at others (more likely than not if I'm complaining it's in Cieran's general direction.)

As Cieran said, I came along with him. Started on limited overworld work in Kanto and ended up doing tons of interiors, specifically the gyms. Went on the Hoenn where I did large stretches of the overworld, numerous interiors (including the blasted trick house) and huge amounts of landscaping. If you ever ask a pokecraft member about the water routes expect some 'nam style flashbacks. As well as that I'm limited in my side projects due to time constraints, but I'm the gym leagues grass leader and tend to build odd things in the freebuild like big 3D pokemon. I intend to do a few more projects but only the future will tell if I manage to.

Personally, I study law at Lincoln, huge Nintendo fan which you will probably see in my minecraft and I can never pass up an opportunity to nag about something ^^

So yeah, cya around.

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