Friday, December 17, 2010

Sevii Islands 1, 2 and 3

Sometime earlier this year, Hoenn effectively hit a dead-end when it came to building. No-one wanted to build the water routes, because it was hard and no-one would see it in the end. So we needed a distraction. What did we come up with? The Sevii Islands of course!

When you "complete" Kanto (and you'll know when you've completed it) you'll be given the option either to return home, continue to Hoenn, or explore the sevii islands. Option three will warp you to Knot Island, also known as One island.

One Island, with Mt Ember at back

Sadly we don't have any interiors for these, as no-one can find them. Anyway, you can see the town is there, and in the distance, Mt Ember, complete with Moltres at the peak. Returning to the ferry station and picking the door on the left (as you face it) will take you to Boon (Two) Island.

Two Island. It's not very big!

I think the caption says it all really. It's just not a very big island. After visiting this island, you can again take the left-hand ferry doorway to take you to Kin (Three) island.

Three Island. NOW we're talking.

The largest of the first three islands, here we are on Kin Island. This is the one with the motorcycle gang in it who you have to fend off in the games. Also it has berry forest, and Bond Bridge. So it's pretty interesting really.

That concludes our first round-up of the Sevii Islands, available in world "sevii123" on The Playhouse. Check us out tomorrow for the next four!

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