Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kanto is Finished

They said it couldn't be done. They told us we were mad for trying it. But we did it.

That's complete bull, I did it. I portalled all of Kanto. By myself. I also added the interiors for Celadon, Vermilion and Fuchsia, and redid Saffron's.

As a result, Kanto is pretty much in a usable state, however we aren't releasing until Hoenn is at the same standard. Tomorrow we're hopefully going to be performing some very preliminary beta testing (more stress-testing the server to see what it can handle than actually evaluating the maps). Please don't ask to join in, this is a private affair - there will be a beta soon, as I said in my previous post.

We've been doing some more planning on the beta over the past few days, as well as designing the feedback form which we'll be asking you all to fill out once you've got through the map

Work will continue on Hoenn as soon as I regain the energy I spent today. The future is looking promising!

Monday, December 17, 2012

2010 Cieran was not very smart

In 2010, we realised that we didn't have half the interiors in Kanto. Yes, this has been an issue we haven't spoken about for quite some time. We just assumed something would happen, but none of us bothered to do anything about it. As a result we just sort of let it be. I tried to get some emulated copies of Fire Red to work (before anyone accuses us of dirty piracy, we have recreated all of Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh in Minecraft - of course we've bought the games and played them to death) but it just didn't seem to go.

I don't know what I was doing wrong because I got one working within fifteen minutes of bidoof_king remarking that I should give it another try. As a result, our last major obstacle is overcome - now we just need to build the damn things.

As a result of this (and also because today, December 18th, is our third birthday - yeah, we've been at it for a while now), we're pleased to announce that we will soon be undertaking closed beta testing in order to prepare for release. Keep following us here for announcements and invitations - we're anticipating a pretty high uptake, and our server probably can't handle several thousand people at once (our server can at times barely handle three of us - it's not a very good server, and bidoof_king's Internet connection is less than stellar.).

It's unlikely that you'll see the map in 2012, but an early-2013 release would not be unreasonable. There's some pretty big hurdles to overcome in portalling (Seafloor Cavern in Hoenn, for example), but I believe that we can do this.

So keep watching us, and you too could be exploring Kanto before everyone else!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The State of the Pokécraft Nation

So 1.4 has now been out for almost two months, and a lot of people are asking us where the map is. We never promised to release AT 1.4, only that it wouldn't be done until after 1.4 is.

Some people tell us "why not just release it now and then issue updates?". These people do not realise quite how unfinished the maps as they currently exist are. Until two weeks ago, for example, you could get about as far as Viridian Forest in Kanto before your progress would be stopped by a door. It's since been portalled, but our point is that a lot of the map is simply not traversable in its current state. Refer to the previous post for information on how updates will be issued - they will be, but we need to get to a semi-usable state first. Kanto needs interiors (Vermilion, Fuchsia, Celadon and a host of route-buildings simply don't have any interiors at all). This might not bother you, but it bothers us, a lot.

As it currently exists, what we have of the Kanto interiors are portalled, we just need to build the rest. The issue is that there aren't any maps for them. Crazy as it may sound, in eight years no-one has mapped large amounts of Kanto. But please understand that we're not slacking, we've just moved onto Hoenn, with the result that Hoenn is probably about 40% portalled already from work in the last two weeks.

We don't want to release an incomplete project, is the crux of the matter. It will be done when it's done, and complaining to us about delays or lack of updates will not speed up the matter. We are working hard already, we don't need to you goad us.

Regarding updates, we (should) be releasing Episode 2 of Wandering in the next few days, pending Rils' edits, showing off a lot more of Kanto, but also some of the holes.

For anyone wondering, the most recent thing completed was Silph Co. Those of you who know Silph Co may be aware that it has a total of 34 portals, as well as an elevator and stairs for each floor. It took me three hours to do, and please remember this - the building was already finished. The stuff was all there, it just needed updating. That's what we're up against here, a map built for software made in 2009 being ported to software in 2012. Go back and play Minecraft Classic. Spend two years building massive, massive structures using only the limited 50 or so blocks in that version. Then try and update them to 1.4.

Then you may complain to us about our speed. But until then, we're working as hard as we can to get this project done.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Command Blocks and release information

We're inching ever closer to a release! With the 1.4 update to Minecraft came command blocks, a key development in the creation of the Pokécraft project, which allow us to portal all of our interiors (as well as do a bunch of other cool stuff). All we really need to do now is actually link interiors and exteriors.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

About the Project (aka questions asked a million times)

Here's the FAQ we get spammed with quite constantly.

"BK! Where's the download?!" "hows does I get server"

First off as of right now, we're planning on a download. Which won't happen until at least after 1.4 hits. There are a few quirks, concerns, and issues we have to work out before any sort of public release can occur.

Update time~

Alrighty! It's been quite a while since we had any updates, and Boy do we have news for you!

First off. Stop reading this and go check out my last post.

Kanto PokéWorld

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012! The Year of Johto and The World? (Maybe)

Greetings! It's been way too long since any of us have posted anything.

The current news. Kanto(and Sevii), Hoenn, and now Sinnoh are all done. There might a little bit of minor interior work and a few things that need to be updated/fixed. As a staff, we're calling these Done!

In the meantime, we've been trying to plan the logistics of Johto. A quick spoiler? It's going to be challenging, but will turn out great.

The other bit of news I have to share is the project I mentioned a few posts back about a "large beta project". I am still working on it, albeit slowly. Once I get to a good enough point, I'll post some screen shots. 

Also. I've been seeing quite a few comments saying basically "how does I join server". Lemme tell you. It is quite simple.

There are 2 ways of doing this.

The easiest way is to surf on over to and click on "Minecraft Classic Multiplayer" and scroll through the list for "Bidoof_King's Pokecraft".

The better, but slightly more difficult method is to download the World Of Minecraft client. Which is a standalone client that includes flying. Download that and again, scroll through the list and find "Bidoof_King's Pokecraft"

If you can't figure out how to do this, then there's no way I can help you!