Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sevii Islands 4, 5, 6 and 7

Okay, so my interpretation of "tomorrow" may be slightly looser than other people's. But the important thing is that I am DOING this post. I don't have to! No-one's making me! But I am because I care. So anyway, today we're doing the second set of Sevii islands, which open up post-league in Fire Red and Leaf Green. Of course, here there's no such thing as a proper league, so you get to these the same way you get to the others, by doorways on the ferryports. First up, Floe (Four) island.

Floe Island. It's not very big but it has a cave!

So here we have Floe Island, the home of Lorelei of the Elite 4, as well as Icefall Cave (which in retrospect should have a picture, but I'm too lazy for that) and a daycare centre where you can breed Pokémon. So quite a lot crammed onto this tiny island!

Next up is Chrono (Five) Island. I assue you, no relation to Chronosquare, who was not around for the construction of the Sevii Islands.

Chrono Island. Or rather, islands.

Five Island is a pretty small town, but the island itself is pretty much an archipelago. It features such wonderful islands as the Resort Area and Memorial Pillar. You better know how to surf though. Next up we'll go to Fortune Island, also known as Six Island.

If you squint your eyes, it sort of looks like a six

Fortune Island features such wonders as Pattern Bush and Dotted Hole. The pattern seen in Pattern Bush is the same as the layout of the internal circuit board for the game. The more you know! Also of note is Altering Cave, which was never really used by Nintendo but was due to be changeable by a special event. This island is pretty big as Seviis go though. Next up is Quest, or Seven, Island.

Long island is long

Quest Island has it all! Well actually it doesn't. But it does have Trainer Tower, Kanto's answer to the Battle Tower; a canyon, Tanoby Ruins and Tanoby Key. Trivia: Tanoby is an anagram of botany, and all the chambers down there in the south are based on plant names.

That pretty much concludes the Sevii Islands. There's also Navel Rock and Birth Island, both of which are on the server (accessible from the ferry port on Quest Island), but neither's hugely interesting, aside from playing home to Ho-oh, Lugia and Deoxys. Check them out, worlds sevii123 and sevii4567 on the server!

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