Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I make the server do stuff

Hi there Pokécraft fans!

If you don't already know me, I'm Cieran. The rumours are NOT true, I'm NOT a furry. I'm the guy who runs the actual server itself (well, not the machine, that's spoon). So if there's a technical error...I'm the guy you go to. Though I just take your error straight to iCraft help, then they fix it and I update the server. If you ever get a message saying it's going down for maintenance, that's probably me. I'm so committed I can even reboot the server from my phone!

As for me myself, well, I've not been with Pokécraft since the beginning, but I did join soon after. I invited Inevitable and Mudson along to see this amazing new Kanto build, and from there things spiralled, and now we're all staff. I did a lot of stuff in Hoenn, (especially interiors), and have done a lot of stuff in Sinnoh. But we still have that blasted Mt Coronet to do. When not working on the project (which is most of the time - again, Coronet), I like to build other crap, which is generally way too big. Like my mansion in freebuild(4), or my flying stadium gym. Oh yeah, I'm the flying-type gym leader in our gym-league-thing.

Personally, I'm a student at the University of York, I enjoy video games and not doing work (two hobbies which strangely often coincide) and have been a fan of Pokémon since Christmas 1999. Red and Green came out on my fifth birthday!

I'm waffling now, so I'm gonna cut it short. In Minecraft I go by either Cieran (in-game) or CDRom (on IRC). So yeah. That's me. And I'm not a furry!

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