Monday, December 17, 2012

2010 Cieran was not very smart

In 2010, we realised that we didn't have half the interiors in Kanto. Yes, this has been an issue we haven't spoken about for quite some time. We just assumed something would happen, but none of us bothered to do anything about it. As a result we just sort of let it be. I tried to get some emulated copies of Fire Red to work (before anyone accuses us of dirty piracy, we have recreated all of Kanto, Hoenn and Sinnoh in Minecraft - of course we've bought the games and played them to death) but it just didn't seem to go.

I don't know what I was doing wrong because I got one working within fifteen minutes of bidoof_king remarking that I should give it another try. As a result, our last major obstacle is overcome - now we just need to build the damn things.

As a result of this (and also because today, December 18th, is our third birthday - yeah, we've been at it for a while now), we're pleased to announce that we will soon be undertaking closed beta testing in order to prepare for release. Keep following us here for announcements and invitations - we're anticipating a pretty high uptake, and our server probably can't handle several thousand people at once (our server can at times barely handle three of us - it's not a very good server, and bidoof_king's Internet connection is less than stellar.).

It's unlikely that you'll see the map in 2012, but an early-2013 release would not be unreasonable. There's some pretty big hurdles to overcome in portalling (Seafloor Cavern in Hoenn, for example), but I believe that we can do this.

So keep watching us, and you too could be exploring Kanto before everyone else!


  1. This is so rad. Keep at it, guys. I can't wait!

  2. Cannot wait. This is going to be awesome and nostalgic