Saturday, September 29, 2012

Update time~

Alrighty! It's been quite a while since we had any updates, and Boy do we have news for you!

First off. Stop reading this and go check out my last post.

Checked it out right? Awesome isn't it? Yeah, so that's Kanto in version 1.3.2. We've secretly been working on it over the past few months getting it ported over to the newer versions. Going from Classic .30 to Release 1.3.2 is quite a jump! So many new block types and options for building. Some areas were completely overhauled and rebuilt from their original version.

Kanto rendered in Chunky
Cieran/CDRom posted that image on Reddit yesterday, and it managed to hit #2 on /r/all! We were all very excited about it.

Kanto again

This one however, is being posted here first. From here on, any news about the project will show up here and then trickle out to other sites.

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  1. Does Diglet's cave go all the way from Pewter to Vermillion??