Saturday, September 29, 2012

About the Project (aka questions asked a million times)

Here's the FAQ we get spammed with quite constantly.

"BK! Where's the download?!" "hows does I get server"

First off as of right now, we're planning on a download. Which won't happen until at least after 1.4 hits. There are a few quirks, concerns, and issues we have to work out before any sort of public release can occur.

"Isn't Cycling Road supposed to be a bridge?! Why so flat? How can the SS Anne get out?!1!"
Canonically, yes. It is a bridge. In game? Nope. It's flat as flat can be. Only the game physics make it seem like a hill.

To make it make more sense, we added in a drawbridge to it. But that doesn't even fix the biggest issues. How's the Ship supposed to get around the water routes that are completely surrounded by rocks?

"What are those roads near Kanto?"
The one on the left, near the E4 is a Railway leading from the central hub city. It takes you right into the Player's house in Kanto

The one on the right, it leads up to Sinnoh.

"Who's all involved with the project?"
As of today. Our current staff is:
Bidoof_King (me)
Drazil Austin

"How long has this project been ongoing"
We started Kanto in Early/Mid December of 2009 and we've sorta working on all of this since then!

The current version however, PokéWorld, was put together in July of 2012.

"Updates plox!!!1!"
Yeah, any updates will most likely show up here first.

"Will this be public and when?"
We've considered getting a dedicated host and having the proper version of the map on a server. But due to the costs of such an endeavor we have decided against it for now. The future may change.

"Yo! Where's Johto?"
Johto huh? We've been attempting to get it fully mapped out using the game world. Due to the changing camera angles and a few other issues. It's made it difficult for us. Don't fear! We'll get it done eventually, with a new Kanto to match!

We've done some premliminary tests on mapping it (by mapping it, I mean building a single comprehensive image of each area in the NDS game). It too suffers from odd camera angles and other oddities that will make it challenging to translate into Minecraft. We'll eventually figure something out and get it done too.

"what about region _____"
Currently, we have no plans to build regions outside of the main series of games. We're not opposed to it though.

"I want to join your staff!"
We have no official word on that at this time.


  1. Not looking to really join up with you guys.
    But I've got a lot of non HD pokemon mob textures lying around. Some of them are pretty sweet.

    I see a lot of them getting used with out any credit to me in other pokemon packs. Mostly my Pidgy, miltank and Mareep.

    Its the minecraft community tho. So what can you do. :I
    Pretty sure the original thread is deleted.

    I made them a while back like idk beta 1.5?
    Back when wolves first came out. No cats or any of the new mobs. And like I said not HD. But they go with the default textures pretty nicely. And any Painterly ones too.

    Pokemon already made are:
    Pidgy, Farfetched, Miltank, Missingno, Lileep, Koffing, Driffloon, Slowpoke, Bidoof, Medicham, Sableye, Flaffy, Mareep, Kabutops, Pawniard, Marowak, Cuebone, Ditto, Ariados, Galvantual, Tentacool. Arcanine, Poochyena, Zoroua, Houndour,Lucario and a couple of goofy lost silver sprites in varying flavors for Zombies.

    Anyway I really like this map it looks sweet :D
    I just figured I'd throw this out there.

    But if you guys want them just email me at or drop an ask in my tumblr that I linked.

  2. As far as non-standard regions go, you should at least do the islands where you can poke's like Deoxys :D