Sunday, January 9, 2011

Server news etc

Yes, yes, it's been two weeks since our last update. We're lazy, we know. The server hasn't been that active either. For us I mean.

Anyway, this is just a general news and updates post saying about goings on on Bidoof_King's Playhouse.

In Pokécraft News, Sinnoh is coming along nicely, almost all non-terrain features are now present. All that's left really is the mammoth task of Mt Coronet, as well as the smaller one (to be undertaken by BK) of carving out the seabeds. Problem is though, Coronet is a REAL bitch. It's really wide, and really long, and mountains are horrible, as it is we're just nipping at the edges. For a sneak peak at Sinnoh, why not try sinnohtrees? It's a slightly older version of Sinnoh. And no, we won't answer any questions about it. It's unfinished. Get over it.

Also, we now offer fast travel around Hoenn and Kanto. Simply press the red block on the front of any Pokémon Centre to be taken to a miniature map of the world, from which you can choose any destination in the world! Note that this doesn't work leaving Sootopolis, however entering it is fine.

In non-Pokécraft news, we've made a couple of small changes to the hub world of the server. Upon spawn, you're now faced with a row of command blocks, providing quick access to the Pokécraft worlds, as well as the credits for the project and information on joining us. Furthermore, the freebuild train station has been enlarged, and now features an archive room of past freebuilds for your perusal. A new freebuild will likely be coming online soon as well, featuring a slightly more dramatic set-piece than the current one's gentle hills...


  1. Is this thing dead? Post are super slow and there is already a survival pokecraft in the works

  2. The project is very much alive. The Sinnoh region is getting more and more done every day.

  3. how do i go to hooen from the hub i see a door in the map room that says contest hall hooen but it wont bring me everywhere

  4. Bidoof, when you updated the server earlier today, I stopped being able to build, and it deleted all my work before a certain point. Now whenever I try to build, it just disconnects me! Can you fix this please?? -Lock_Jay

  5. hey whats the server?

  6. whin can we all get on?